From Prosecutor to Storyteller: How Debra's Diverse Roots Shape Her Writing

Debra devoted over 16 years as a prosecutor confronting humanity’s darkest sides while championing the vulnerable. While Debra was born and raised in Los Angeles, her Mexican heritage from her maternal grandparents shaped her profoundly. She chose to publish her legal thrillers under the pen name Debra Máres to honor her family’s roots. For Postil, the name Máres connects her to the inspiring legacy of her grandparents – a migrant farmworker and factory seamstress. Using this pen name allows Debra to pay respect to her diverse background while amplifying marginalized voices. 

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Let's Get To Know Debra

Postil (pen name of Debra Máres) draws upon her own Mexican-American heritage in her gripping legal thrillers featuring prosecutor Gaby Ruiz. With the pen name Máres, she hopes to carry on her grandparents’ strength and work ethic while advocating for women, immigrants, and underserved communities. Debra remains guided by her calling at age eleven to give voice to the voiceless as an attorney. Both her novels and career as a real-life prosecutor reflect this passion for justice.

Debra's Life Story

Her passion shines through high-profile murder cases and in mentoring at-risk youth. The self-described “justice junkie” empowers people to find their voice. Whether in the courtroom or through outreach programs like her nonprofit Women Wonder Writers, Debra encourages society’s most marginalized. Her activism extends to raising awareness through legal thrillers and children’s books.

Yet Postil offers more than an advocate’s perspective. She pulls back the curtain on the exhilarating and challenging realities of the prosecutor’s office in her fictional memoir Law and Disorder: Navigating Life as a Young Prosecutor. With candor and humor, she unpacks the political pressures, camaraderie, and isolation that shape the pursuit of justice. Debra’s insight comes from nearly two decades of experience handling domestic violence, sex crimes, homicide and more.


For a prosecutor turned criminal defense attorney and civil litigator who confronts the worst of humanity by day, Debra remarkably maintains her compassion. Her own traumatic childhood taught her how adversity can either destroy or strengthen us. While the work exacted a psychological toll, Debra’s journey of healing made her more unstoppable. She continues striving for justice, empowering those impacted by the justice system, and sharing stories that make a difference.

Core Values Behind All Her Work


She draws from her own resilience overcoming adversity to tell stories of individuals who find inner strength when faced with injustice.


She tells and writes raw, honest stories that connect with her readers through their sincere portrayal of the human experience.


She strives to build understanding between her audience and people whose voices are often marginalized in the justice system.

Interest in Truth

Her passion for truth and challenging assumptions allows her to provoke new perspectives on justice through her speaking and writing.

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