The Impact of Incarceration

Can mothers and daughters bond beyond bars? Across the country, 1.7 million children — half of them under the age of 10 — have a

How to Build Empathy in Mexico

How building a house with like-minded people increases our resilience. Part of building resilience entails developing empathy. Some do it by reading or listening to

Awakening World

A documentary that explores the power of intimacy and human connection. One of the documentaries that still sits with me and I watch over and

The Resilience Meditation

A simple ten-minute exercise to build hope and compassion. Setting aside time to sit and meditate is critical to resilience and boosting mindfulness. Like setting

Five Ways to Build Resilience

There is no one-fits-all strategy for building resilience. Each person must develop what works best for them at any given time, based on their unique

The Resilience Recipe

People often wonder what helps someone overcome and grow versus staying stuck in a trauma trap. There are many protective factors that contribute to our

The Provider’s Resilience

Building provider resiliency relies on staying mindful about the quality of our life, remaining equipped to take care of ourselves, having the necessary support, and